Review of Working with Walton Consultants in Dubai: Unsatisfactory Experience and Process Delays

Choosing a reliable consulting agency for company registration and support abroad is crucial for the success of your business. Unfortunately, not all agencies meet the advertised standards, which can lead to serious delays and additional expenses. An example of such a situation is the experience with Walton Consultants in Dubai.

Staff Incompetence: The First Red Flag
The first drawback encountered by clients of Walton Consultants is the insufficient competence of the managers. Clients expect to receive professional advice and assistance in preparing documentation, but often they are disappointed with the level of preparedness of the agency’s staff.

Documentation Issues: Registration Delays
For company registration, it is crucial that the agency provides a complete and accurate list of necessary documents. In the case of Walton Consultants, clients face issues with forgotten or overlooked documents, which inevitably leads to delays in registration, causing dissatisfaction and additional financial costs.

Prolonged Delays: Breach of Timelines
Even after all the documents have been provided, the company registration process at Walton Consultants often drags on indefinitely. Such delays can seriously affect clients’ business plans and operational activities.

Assessment of Additional Services: Doubts About Quality
Walton Consultants offers a wide range of services, including visa support, accounting and auditing services, and concierge service. However, given the issues encountered during the company registration phase, many clients doubt the quality and effectiveness of the other services provided by the agency.

Recommendations for Potential Clients: How to Avoid Mistakes
When choosing a consulting agency for company registration abroad, it is important to conduct thorough research and read reviews from other clients. It is necessary to ensure the professionalism of the agency, its experience, and its readiness to promptly address any issues that arise.

Conclusion: Be Vigilant
Choosing a reliable partner for company registration and support abroad is key to success. Based on the experience with Walton Consultants, it is recommended to pay attention to all the warning signs and not ignore the reviews of previous clients. A cautious approach and preliminary checks can help avoid many problems.

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10 thoughts on “Review of Working with Walton Consultants in Dubai: Unsatisfactory Experience and Process Delays”
  1. Very disappointed with Walton Consultants service. They promised to quickly register the company, but in the end the process dragged on for months due to their oversight of the documents. Unprofessionalism is obvious.

  2. I do not recommend Walton Consultants for business registration. The manager we worked with showed a complete lack of understanding of basic procedures, which led to serious delays and paperwork errors.

  3. Experienced serious problems with Walton Consultants when trying to open a bank account. They promised support and simplicity of the process, but in the end I was faced with a bunch of bureaucratic delays that they could not sort out.

  4. Walton Consultants absolutely failed to cope with the task of visa support. Due to their negligence, my employees were unable to obtain the necessary visas in a timely manner, which disrupted planned events.

  5. I contacted Walton Consultants to register a company in another country, but their ignorance of the specifics and requirements of this country led to incredible difficulties and delays. Very disappointed.

  6. Checking a foreign counterparty through Walton Consultants turned out to be a complete waste of time and resources. The information they provided was out of date and incomplete, which jeopardized our deal.

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