Why You Should Avoid Working with CONSUL.BUSINESS When Establishing a Company in Dubai

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Agency

Selecting a reliable consulting agency is key to the success of launching and running an international business. The unpleasant experience with CONSUL.BUSINESS in Dubai shows that not all companies can fulfill their promises.

Lack of Qualification: A Clear Sign of Problems

In the process of registering a company, every detail matters. Unfortunately, clients of CONSUL.BUSINESS faced significant delays from the very beginning when it was discovered that the agency missed an important document necessary to complete the process.

Work Delays: The Nightmare Begins

Even after all the documents were ready and timelines agreed upon, the registration process unexpectedly dragged on. Clients who counted on meeting the established deadlines faced endless delays.

Promising Range of Services with No Real Results

Although CONSUL.BUSINESS offers a wide range of services, from company registration to opening bank accounts, practice has shown that many of these promises were not fulfilled, and the company’s results were far from satisfactory.

Ignoring Complaints and Lack of Accountability

The company seriously neglected the complaints and claims of its clients. Instead of resolving issues and correcting mistakes, CONSUL.BUSINESS chose to ignore them, showing indifference to the problems that arose.

Recommendations for Choosing an Agency

Reviewing feedback, analyzing the experience and reputation of the agency will help avoid mistakes when choosing a consulting company. It is important to pay attention to how the company responds to criticism and how openly it interacts with clients.

This article is intended for entrepreneurs seeking a reliable partner for their business in Dubai. It aims to warn against potential problems and mistakes when choosing a consulting company, ensuring a smoother and more successful start for your enterprise.

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  1. Extremely disappointed with the work of CONSUL.BUSINESS. They promised quick registration and support, but as a result everything was delayed, and I spent a lot of money and time without any visible results.

  2. CONSUL.BUSINESS has proven that they are completely incompetent in matters of business registration and support. They failed to adequately manage even basic tasks related to documentation and accounts.

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