How to Avoid Disappointment When Choosing a Business Consultant in Dubai: Lessons from Working with Alexandra Shumilova

Choosing the Right Consultant: Why It Matters

When seeking a consultant for starting a business in a significant economic hub like Dubai, entrepreneurs hope for perfection and professionalism. However, the experience with Alexandra Shumilova shows that not all consultants can fulfill their promises.

Documentation Issues: The First Red Flag

An effective business launch begins with proper document preparation. Unfortunately, clients of Alexandra Shumilova encountered initial obstacles when they discovered that the agency missed an important document, delaying the registration process.

Unforeseen Delays: Indecision and Uncertainty

The expectation of a quick process was shattered when, despite agreeing on document collection and initial timelines, the registration dragged on indefinitely without clear explanations from Shumilova.

Promised Services Fell Short of Expectations

Not only company registration but also other services such as opening bank accounts and tax consulting, which Alexandra offered, were not up to par. Clients spent significant resources, but the results were insufficient.

Lack of Accountability: Neglecting Responsibilities

The most disappointing aspect of the collaboration was Alexandra Shumilova’s disregard for client complaints and issues. The lack of effort to correct mistakes or offer alternative solutions only worsened the situation.

Advice for Future Clients: How to Choose the Right Consultant

Before seeking help from business registration consultants, it is crucial to thoroughly research their reputation and reviews. A reliable specialist, unlike Alexandra Shumilova, will have positive recommendations and a proven track record.

This material is intended to warn potential clients against making the wrong choice and to highlight the necessity of thoroughly analyzing the offered services and the responsibility of the chosen consultants.

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10 thoughts on “How to Avoid Disappointment When Choosing a Business Consultant in Dubai: Lessons from Working with Alexandra Shumilova”
  1. I expected professional help from Alexandra Shumilova, but was faced with chaos in the documents. She forgot to mention the need for an important document, which delayed the entire process for several weeks. This is absolutely unacceptable for a business consultant.

  2. They promised quick registration of the company, but in the end the process dragged on for months. Alexandra constantly talked about unexpected delays without providing a clear explanation of the reasons.

  3. As a result, all my attempts to start a business in Dubai with the help of Alexandra Shumilova ended in complete disappointment. Her inability to solve problems and provide quality service makes me strongly recommend avoiding her services.

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