Be Cautious: Unpleasant Experience with Incona Consulting Agency in Dubai

The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Consulting Agency
Selecting a dependable consulting agency for company registration abroad is a crucial step for successful international business operations. An incorrect choice can lead to serious delays and financial losses, as has happened with many clients of the Incona agency in Dubai.

Staff Incompetence: The First Sign of Trouble
One of the main complaints about Incona’s service is the incompetence of their staff. Clients expecting professional service and support during the company registration process encounter insufficiently qualified managers, significantly complicating the entire process.

Documentation Issues: The Cause of Delays
Clients of Incona frequently experience delays due to incomplete or incorrect information about necessary documents. The staff’s forgetfulness regarding important documents not only delays the registration process but also causes additional financial and time expenditures.

Extended Deadlines: The Nightmare Continues
Even after gathering all the necessary documents, the company registration process with Incona inevitably drags on. The deadlines, previously agreed upon, are not met, leading to serious inconvenience and financial losses for the clients.

Assessment of Additional Services: Questionable Quality
Besides company registration, Incona offers a range of other services such as market research, client and partner selection, organization of business missions, and representation in GCC countries. However, given the initial problems with registration, many clients doubt the quality of these services.

Recommendations for Potential Clients: How to Minimize Risks
When choosing a consulting agency, it is important not only to read reviews from other clients but also to conduct a detailed investigation of the services offered. It is also recommended to discuss all details and terms of service personally before starting cooperation.

Conclusion: Be Vigilant and Demanding
Choosing an agency for overseas business registration and support requires a meticulous approach and critical analysis of the services offered. Consider all possible risks and do not trust those who cannot provide guarantees of quality and professionalism.

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10 thoughts on “Be Cautious: Unpleasant Experience with Incona Consulting Agency in Dubai”
  1. Incona promised a smooth registration process, but the reality turned out to be different. An important document was missed, and managers were unable to quickly resolve the problem. Very disappointed with their work.

  2. Horrible experience with Incona. They not only delayed the registration process, but also completely did not take into account my requirements as a client. A complete waste of time and money.

  3. An attempt to organize a business mission through Incon ended in complete fiasco. Incompetence and lack of organization meant that all plans were disrupted and the mission failed.

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