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About company:

The Zerion company does not talk about its country of origin, its founders, does not publish registration documentation, contact details in the form of a phone number, mail or headquarters address. However, for crypto wallets this is quite normal, and in this case is not a reason for suspicion of dishonest activity.
The official website zerion.io is available in Russian. The main page looks like this.
According to the company, its goal is to simplify the management, tracking, storage, borrowing, buying and selling of cryptocurrency assets. Zerion is working on simplifying the process of trading crypto assets, simplifying access to it. How effectively he does this – only real reviews about Zerion will tell.
List of supported Zerion coins
A complete list of supported coins has not been published anywhere. However, by indirect signs it can be understood that a fairly wide range is supported.
It is reported that the wallet automatically receives the most favorable prices for crypto assets, and the source of prices is decentralized exchanges, including Uniswar, 1Inch, Balancer, Sushiswar. For this, the DeFi SDK is used, an open source library developed by Zerion, designed to simplify integration with DeFi protocols.
The practical implementation of this is that when a user uses Zerion Wallet, he gets the best prices that are available at the moment.
The Zerion cryptocurrency wallet tracks all major coins listed on Coingecko as well as any other ERC-20 coins (a warning may be seen for new assets and the smart contract of the coin will need to be double-checked).
An important point: Zerion does not currently support Bitcoin. However, customers can buy WBTC or “shelled Bitcoin”. These are ERC-20 tokens, which are locked BTC and accurately track the price of this cryptocurrency.
How to use the Zerion wallet
Zerion Wallet is reported to automatically track all DeFi coins. There is no need to add any tokens or coins manually, they will all show up in the Tokens section of the client’s wallet. To see how DeFi tracking works with Zerion, you can first connect your existing wallet and Zerion will automatically track DeFi coins.
Zerion Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that gives you access to a wide range of opportunities in DeFi and NFT. With it, you can easily lend your cryptocurrency and earn income, as well as provide liquidity and earn trading fees.
Users can also trade tokens in their Zerion crypto wallet, automatically finding the best price on various decentralized exchanges. Zerion Wallet will calculate costs and profits.
Zerion limits and commissions
There is no information about limits and commissions on the official website of the project. To find out the truth about limits and commissions, you should study the reviews about Zerion.
In general, this project makes a favorable impression. Now there are a large number of crypto wallets with different functions and different conditions of use, but Zerion clearly compares favorably with many of them. First of all, due to
High safety standards.
Pretty broad functionality.
Good information content of the official site.
Of course, before you start using this service, you need to study the reviews about it, and also consult with an independent specialist. But the general impression after the analysis of. site is more positive than negative.

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