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EMAIL: [email protected]

About company:

Cryptocurrency platform operating since 2018. The company was registered in Dubai in 2021. ZENIQ specializes in creating solutions for decentralized financial transactions through the blockchain. In addition, ZENIQ develops physical equipment for accepting cryptocurrency payments. The company also released its own token, which is a currency for mining and settlements within the platform.

8 thoughts on “ZENIQ Review”
  1. Best platform for trading. You can easily get the information you needed with their live chat service. I have made over $50,000 from trading bitcoin by using this platform. Highly recommended!

  2. It is a pyramid scheme MLM, they stay with the regulations that they supposedly have, they do not know them in the real crypto world, they are not linked to any family in Dubai take care of your money it is a scam

  3. ZENIQ is the right solution for your safe storage of all your digital assets. ZENIQ wants to empower the community to gain full control of their assets using the ZENIQ HUB.
    Wouldn’t it be great by having a permissionless peer to peer option for any kind of transactions? We would think so too. It’s our goal to simplify payments with our blockchain technology and our ZENIQ App. We will make businesses truly efficient, transparent and reliable.

  4. I am very grateful for the Zeniq project technology that generates passive income. The Safir Compensation System is the best I have ever encountered in my life! I start every day with gratitude .
    Thank you ZENIQ,thank you SAFIR

  5. ONE MONTH AND A HALF that I wait to receive my withdrawal request of my Zeniq tokens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Support don’t answer !
    Pure S**T ! Never invest in this !!!

  6. This is a very bad investment company…this company is a very big scam company where you only lost the company don’t keep a very good record of paying they investors which I have testified it myself block this company

  7. code.

    Zeniq blockchain?
    There is a website that looks like a Zeniq blockchain explorer, but it looks highly suspicious.

    Because either Zeniq has its own blockchain and a native token, or it has an ERC-20 token in Ethereum. Why would the Zeniq Coin run in Ethereum if it had its own blockchain?

    Also, every new Zeniq block always contains only one single transaction.

    Should Zeniq be a real blockchain, it would have a Github repository with all the code and anybody would be allowed to download the minting/mining software to their device and start mining.

    Instead, to mint the Zeniq Coin you are forced to pay Zeniq Technologies, which is highly suspicious.

    To us it seems that the Zeniq block explorer is fake, that there is no real Zeniq blockchain, only the ERC-20 token in Ethereum. SCAM SCAM SCAM

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