Reality of Working with Alicante-house: Why Caution is Advised

Promises and Reality: Why Clients Feel Deceived

When it comes to choosing real estate abroad, a reliable real estate agency plays a crucial role. However, clients who turned to Alicante-house in Spain found that the agency’s promises did not match reality, leaving them in a state of disappointment and feeling deceived.

Extended Deadlines and Unreliability: Why Deadlines Became Empty Words

During the transaction process, clients encountered unreasonably extended deadlines, despite pre-discussed timelines. This only exacerbated their dissatisfaction and created a sense of unreliability in Alicante-house’s work.

Incorrect Recommendations and Document Problems: How the Agency Added Problems to the Process

Alicante-house realtors recommended properties with high commissions to clients that did not meet their needs. This led to financial expenses and dissatisfaction. Moreover, incorrectly drafted documents and legal issues surrounding the transaction created legal problems, adding even more stress and uncertainty.

Lack of Attention to the Client and Feedback: When Clients Are Left Alone

Alicante-house showed insufficient attention to clients’ needs, failed to provide feedback, and did not involve them in the transaction process. This only intensified clients’ dissatisfaction with their work and created a sense of being ignored by the agency.

Discontent and Time Loss: Why It’s Worth Avoiding Alicante-house

After investing a lot of time and money in working with the Alicante-house real estate agency, clients remained extremely dissatisfied. The agency’s refusal to rectify its mistakes or offer a more competent realtor makes hopes for improving the experience of working with them futile.

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  1. We were unable to find anything other than a negative experience with Alicante-house – this is an agency that should not be trusted with important decisions about the purchase of real estate.

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