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FTX is an exchange founded in 2019. The company that owns it is registered in Antigua and Barbuda. Specializes in spot trading and derivatives of cryptocurrencies, as well as OTC transactions. FTX supports margin trading on select cryptocurrencies with a maximum leverage of 1:3. The exchange provides its own mobile trading application. Works with major fiats. The trading terminal allows you to make transactions using seven types of orders.

13 thoughts on “FTX Review”
  1. Scammers manipulating fake glitches in website when market is volatile to prevent customers to open or close old or new orders and when you loose money because you was not able to close your trade because you was receiving error they tell you what the issue its sorted now and should work fine … what a joke

  2. They have a very nice web interface and an average app (FTX pro). The fees are very nice!
    However the speed of SEPA deposits / withdrawals are VERY slow. Also official support tickets are very slow.
    Be aware of the telegram support group, there are many scammers in there. I would avoid that telegram group.

    A lot to improve, however if you can live with this I still recommend this exchange.

  3. the worst exchange platform ever i have…
    the worst exchange platform ever i have seen in my life they do not respond your question nor they verify your documents even by months that all is why? because they are sleep and do not interesting in support for client thus i request any client to be stay away from this trubbish exchange platform

  4. i have been using ftx for a month and i have to say stay away from this platform.
    Although I am 2-3% in profit, I usually get very little out of leverage trading … I initially thought that there might be higher fees with a 5-10 lever, but when I looked more closely, I usually sold below where I sell wanted or in the opposite direction (so that I have less profit or higher losses) …

    I’ve had binance before and was completely satisfied, even bybit is much better but ftx is a disaster for small traders because you have less profit.

  5. Lousy deposit instructions and poor respons from support. My bank has completed the transaction from my bank account but still no money on my FTX account after three days. Even though the interface looks great and relatively user friendly, my recommendation is STAY AWAY/John

  6. Very poor costumer service, I deposited 100 BUSD with no problems (just to check if my account was working fine), then I transfered another 3,500 BUSD and guess what, It has not appeared in my wallet. The transaction has been verified and completed by Binance, I have sent proof of the transaction to FTX but they have not responded for days. I am worry l have lost my money. It has been such a poor experience so far.

  7. It is one of my favourite exchange since it has no withdrawal, trading and swapping fees. Best part is that KYC is not even mandatory too. Only downside is that they dont have many staking or earning passive income from coins as compared to Binance.

  8. As many more before me, I requested a FIAT withdrawal more than a month ago and there’s no trace of it anywhere!
    The support team is simply leaving you on indefinite hold, never going to help you with such an important matter. Incredible, but unfortunately this is the current situation. Avoid them if you don’t want to lose your money!

  9. They stole $ 250 from me. Incompetent support, incompetent leadership.

    They do not follow their own rules and change them according to how they suit them in a given situation.

    I moved all my trading to another stock exchange. I do not recommend FTX.

  10. Pathetic model. Lure people to websie. get them signed up and AFTER THAT give them “Australian Leverage Assessment” fu**** all the personal questions and then give them 2:! leverage. shove up that to your a** fu**** 2:1 leverage. why would i do that.

  11. Market orders fall through, you don’t get notified, withdrawals blocked for days, support team takes 5 days to get back to you and don’t answer your question or help the situation, poor liquidity, bad UX on every FTX android app… and much more

  12. My FIAT withdrawal has been in processing status for 4 days. Support has blocked me and I can’t open new tickets

    I got information
    ” You are not allowed open more new tickets right now”

    I have only one ticket opened. About returning the money. Bank returned the money 2 months ago because they don’t accept transfers from FTX and FTX hasn’t credited it into my account for 2 months. I gave them confirmation. They don’t answer this ticket.

    Is there any financial institution where I can complain?

    I want my money back!

    I’ve just created telegram group. It’s called: FTX complaints. Feel free to join

  13. Normally I do not write reviews, but this time I had to.. Using FTX exchange was the worst experience I have ever had, the UI interface is lagging so much, it is not possible to use it. Will never use it and will never recommend to anyone. Including you reader.

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