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As one of the UK’s leading volume motor car and commercial vehicle retailers, Evans Halshaw provide national coverage through a significant number of locations. We’ve been around since 1927, and our heritage means we strive to tailor each experience to the customer’s needs, offering a wide range of new and used cars at the greatest possible value thanks to our ‘Every Day Low Prices’ price promise.

Making up a part of the wider Pendragon PLC group, we’re proud to hold franchises to retail and service 10 brands for cars and vans, including CitroënDaciaDSFordHyundaiKiaNissanPeugeotRenault and Vauxhall. Our easy-to-use Sell Your Car service can also be used to sell your vehicle in a stress-free and convenient manner.

Our Evans Halshaw customers also benefit from further value after purchase, making car ownership that little bit easier. Various handy guides and articles can be found within our blog section, with the latest information on our brands and dealerships residing within our news section.

5 thoughts on “Evans Halshaw Review”
  1. Dont buy off Evans Halshaw!! Waited over four weeks for a car. Ended up needing work done on it which had to go to a specialist, I agreed to wait for the car as they confirmed it would be two weeks after he had spoken to the specialist. Tried obtaining info over emails like what was picked up on the famous Evans Halshaw inspection and does it need anymore work done on it by Evans Halshaw after the specialist or what work has Evans Halshaw done to the car. which just got cast aside only answering questions they wanted to answer! Only to find out that when the car was due to come back it needed more work done to it or quote “bits & bobs” If I knew this weeks before I wouldn’t have waited for the car, this cost me over £500 hiring a car which I didnt mind at the time as it was my choice until I was called a liar “as he didnt believe me for a minute”!! Making a complaint aparently there is no other way but the manager at the branch only to get a response ” well you agreed to wait for the car as the saleaman said he said it could be 2 weeks, 3weeks, 5 weeks he didnt know” so the salesman didnt mention that he confirmed a time frame of 2 week with specialist. Manager added ” well we only ran over by two days” I asked if the car was ready as last I heard it was being obtained at the specialist until funds was settled & has the work been done to the car by Evans Halshaw? Managers reply ” I dont know” so how as it only ran over by two days? “well your refund is in place in 3-5 working days, we will leave it there as I dont know what you want me to do about it, there is nothing I can do”. He didnt even look at the email trail until I was on the phone to him despite the salesman informing me he had seen it all!! But the managerbwasnt even aware this email was sent to him. Have to wait for the deposit so I can get the car I found!! But there is nothing they can do about that too, seems to be a pattern. Very poor customer service, poor communication, just interested in sales only supplying info that will string you along not the full picture! Well done Evans Halshaw One of the biggest car dealers in the uk as I was constantly reminded!!

  2. Purchased car at end of March, on returning home discovered one of the keys not only didn’t work but had no relevance to the car we’d bought. After emailing we got no response from the lady who was keen to sell us the car .My wife took the car down and was referred to the service centre, they said not their problem, it was sales and they would be in touch, nothing. A week later phoned again, told they would be in touch, nothing. Phoned a week later to be told the car was advertised with one key. I would never had left the showroom with one key. There were 2 keys on the fob. If i’d been told there was only one key I would have negotiated another one as a point of sale. I’m happy with my car, but it’s a “we’ve got your money we don’t care now” situation.

  3. Evan Halshaw Wakefield Found a car online (long distance purchase). The person I dealt with was great, we agreed a sale and I secured the car with a deposit. Following day I had a distanced sale agreement meeting over zoom where sale was agreed and purchase order was signed (this is legally binding contract). I received a call 2hours later refusing to sell me the car because they had not priced it correctly, this is when another man got involved. This man should not work in a customer service environment, he is rude and has lots of attitude which reduced me to tears!!! Do not deal with this man, I have gone above to complain about how I have been treated and how they have breached their contract and sale should be honoured, the case has not been resolved and yet they have put the car back up for sale. I am shocked how a company can act so unprofessionally.

  4. Bought a car from Carstore in Shrewsbury at the end of last year only to find it has been in an accident and although not recorded it was pretty extensive and the repairs were shoddy to say the least. Looked fine for a month now the extent of the bodyfiller is evident that the paint has settled. The car is scrubbing the tread off one front tyre and the Pendragon warranty isn’t worth the paper its written on (That is after you argue to get a printout of the agreement) Staff we rude during the sale demanding to know if I wanted the car or not and I had to get the car valeted myself and despite the car being offered with a service history, none exists. If you ask questions, you are met by hostility especially by the new Shrewsbury car store dealer principal. (The one who calls staff obscene names in front of staff and customers! a real gentleman…. not!) Seriously, save your money and go elsewhere, For the saving you think you are making, the hassle afterwards is really not work it. Walk away and let this company go to the dogs which is where it is rapidly headed.

  5. Recently purchased a ranger from the Glasgow store. The team sourced the right vehicle for me and my needs very efficiently at an excellent price. The after care was great to sort an issue with the towbar. Would recommend the team to anyone looking at buying a van. Thank you.

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